Organized Brainstorming in Orlando

August 23rd - 27 in Orlando, Florida

This is not a conference.

Skip the Grind is a brainstorming event unlike anything you've ever attended. It's an invite-only weekday gathering for entrepreneurs - away for the day-to-day grind, with time to connect, learn and come away with a series of ideas, in a completely relaxed and open environment.

12-16 Entrepreneurs

This is a highly curated set of attendees that have been selected, not only because of their work but their willingness to share.

Tons of Brainstorming

You arrive Monday night and take off Friday morning, but in-between, you'll spend three days brainstorming how to level up.

Leave Energized

The end of the event is just the start of the next phase of your business, as you test many of these new ideas.

There are No Talks

This is a huddle. You come to see more clearly. And to be seen. You don't need to sit in a lecture hall and have someone speak at you. You need to gather together with like-minded folks and be challenged.

Because we all get stuck looking from our own perspectives. Now you'll get a chance to have others challenge your assumptions.

Plenty of Conversations

We're innovators. But it doesn't always feel that way. We get stuck doing something because "that's the way we've always done it." And we hate to admit it. But we need more voices in our lives.

Brainstorming done wrong sucks. But when it's done correctly, it has an incredible way of giving us new things to try, new experiments to test, and a ton of energy to go with it.

Skip the Grind

There are two ways to get where you're going. The way of the grind. That's where you push, struggle, and navigate the challenges in front of you with everything you have and everything you know.

The other way is to skip the grind. Learn from others. Try new approaches. Challenge yourself to benefit from the work others have already done, and the way is easier - and more fun!

Hang with Your People

The road of the entrepreneur doesn't have to be lonely. If you connect with people like you, you don't have to explain every detail of the challenges you face - because we've all been there.

Skip the Grind is a small group event where you connect deeply with a few folks just like you, and they can help transform your business. I can't guarantee they'll be lifelong friends, but I'd put money on it.

Trust me on this - sign up for anything Chris organizes. It's going to be amazing. I don't think he knows how to put on a bad event. And I'm not lying when I say his events have changed my business and personal life.

The Event Details

Skip the Grind is invite only, so the first detail is that you have to apply. That's the only way I can assure every participant that they'll have the perfect small group for them.

The Location

The event will be held in a two-story mansion in Orlando, Florida - minutes from the Orlando international airport.

The Process

Entrepreneurs have been invited and the list for 2021 is now closed. But we'll let you know if spots open up.

The Price

The $1500 price tag includes the four nights of your stay, meals prepared by our chef, along with snacks and drinks.

We're All Full

Skip the Grind is invite only, which means you will need to apply. Don't get left behind! Make sure you get notified the moment the application is available.